“Home of life” is located in Bangkok and is, a group of companies whose founders had a strong desire to make the company a vibrant international hub of trade, investment, travel, tourism, education of trading partners, and economic exchanges. This includes making the group stable, prosperous, and sustainable economically, socially, and culturally. It makes all stakeholders happy, like a family in the same home.


Our goal is to establish a significant Southeast Asian holding company focused on the import and export of consumer, marine, and agricultural products, cultural and medical tourism, international trade, and investment. We strive to ensure that our business partners select us for the high level of our customer care, the reliability of our services, and the top quality of our products. Our passion is to become leaders in the fields in which we do the business.


With a relentless focus on our core principles, we will continue our efforts to implement the key initiatives necessary to achieve our vision, maximize value for the company, and work towards sustainable growth by sharing the company’s strategy with each company and moving forward together in the same direction.

Our mission is to carry out trading and investment projects in domestic and foreign markets in accordance with the highest global quality standards, guided by the principles of professional ethics. We generate superior returns for our stakeholders by leveraging our strong teamwork experience and network of key investors


aims to trade and invest and build sustainable portfolios, driven by the stated goal of creating shareholder value. Take into account social responsibility. This is because it remains committed to honesty, integrity, and fairness in dealing with all stakeholders.